A wander around my garden

Apple tree looking nice and healthy. I think we have some apples this year.

Luscious planter of mint

Strawberry plants just starting out in life.

Runner beans - Looking far better than I hoped as half dead when planted. I think I might need to separate them a bit if they are going to live!
Cute little baby courgette (zucchini - sounds so much more exciting than courgette)
Sad little cucumber. Maybe he makes it. I hope so but his friends are recovering from their near death experience more quickly than he.
The herbs I planted a few weeks back. Looking happy and healthy and a ton bigger.
Lavender, not for eating but for making soap smell good

Another little lavender.


  1. Your little garden looks great!

  2. I love garden tours! I am jealous of your strawberries. I wanted to buy some last weekend and they weren't in stock. Will your zucchini grow to full size in that little pot? I was thinking about growing a watermelon in a pot but I wasn't sure if it would work. I love your pretty pottery! I need more pretty pottery. It is so expensive. $40 for a medium size glazed pot. I think I should figure out how to make my own.

  3. Strawberryes are growing really well actually, fingers crossed we get something from them. The pots are all really old but I have a lot so i thought best to use them. Apparently the zuchini can go upwards if i help it. We shall see if he understands that he does this!

  4. Lots of lovely plants! Thanks for sharing! :)


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