Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Accidental landlord

So, in the interest of chopping and changing at the drop of a hat, I plan to not make any more mortgage over-payments for a while. Instead I have found a surveyor to legalise for holiday rents our house in Crete. Cost will be big but being able to rent out for holiday should repay the investment in a few years.

Next on the list is to renovate the old house and landscape everywhere.

View from my bedroom balcony, just to remind me how lovely it is!


  1. So beautiful! Can I bring my dogs? Haha, they wouldn't like the plane ride.

    1. Yes, they would love it. When I saw your back alley that needs clearing of cactus it made me think of Crete. Can you come out and landscape for me? I don't know how to grow stuff without almost the almost constant rain that we are used to. Dogs would love it!!

    2. That would be fun! I wonder if Crete's weather is like southern California's. Everything that struggles to grow in Tucson grows like crazy in S. Cal. because it isn't as hot.

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