I found some old photos

Oh gosh, the years do pass

Fahed 1987 - in his defence hair styled like this was probably in fhasion :)

 1990- The chubby bambino is my long, tall, skinny eldest son, cuddled up with his Baba
 1989 - Me - Fahed loves the original of this photo but my face looks a funny shape here so I hope it was how I photographed the photo. I remember this dress which came from Next, was velvet and crossed over at the front. I wore it once with a winter coat and when i took the coat off the dress had come up and was wrapped around my waist, Very easy to remember that!
This is about 1993/1994. Jamal on the left (today he is in Shanghai) and Ahdel on the right (he is snoozing still)

Happy days, just like now. I am truly blessed.


  1. How time flies. Your boys are adorable. So funny about that dress. That would be embarrassing!

  2. Oh Lizzie what a handsome hunk your man was (and still is I'm sure) - I love going back in time by looking at photos.
    How ya going - have all the aches and pains and infections gone now?

    1. I know, what a cutey!
      No but now I know what it is and that it goes away eventually, so that is oaky with me. :)


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