Meal planning - I know we dont but maybe this week we do

Times are a bit tight due to the usual (funding overseas relatives -as usual) but I prefer to tighten up and feel the pinch for a while instead of impacting on savings and mortgage over payment. So we need to up our game. We do tend to slacken after a while anyway so this wont kill us.

Shopping whilst Fahed was away was approx £25 per week but now we are 3 again and this week it came in at £48. I paid form my change bottle. I went through the self scan trolley exit in Asda and literally poured £48 in change into the machine (so you get 100% of your cash, unlike coinstar machine). I also paid for £60 of fuel with coins. To feel less of an idiot I drove through 3 times and put in £20 each time using 10 £2 coins. I thought they wouldn't be happy but the cashier thanked me twice as they were short of coins but I do bog them down in a ton of counting.

Yesterday Fahed cooked for us. Cubes of potato fried in olive oil. Then fry off a minute amount of lamb cutting into mini pieces. Add back the potato and then crack some eggs over the top and stir through in the wok. Served with salad.

We had the leftovers of that for lunch today. For dinner we had cheese sandwiches. But I did some cooking. I boiled up all the chicken bones form the freezer to make stock. Now it is made I am using it to make pea and ham soup in the slow cooker. This should be just right for tomorrow and the next day.

Wednesday will be chicken soup and bulgar wheat. The chicken soup is made with tomatoes, onions and potatoes and is lovely. Day one has chicken but day 2 is just tomatey yum with the bulgar wheat but if you make it without the chicken then its not so good.

Friday - something with lentils, either a lentil soup or dahl and rice.

Weekend? Too early to say!

Monday - Pea and Ham Soup
Tuesday - and again
Wednesday - Chicken Soup and Burghal
Thursday - Chickenless chicken soup and burghal
Friday - Lentils



  1. I am attempting to sprout lentils for my quail. I have no idea if they will like them. I'm probably wasting my lentils. I should just eat them myself and stick to watermelon rinds for the quail. They already like them and I'm surely not going to eat them. I have to plan my own meals as well as dog meals and quail meals. I think I am making this more complicated than it should be.

  2. I didn't even know lentils could be sprouted. Yes, i think that might be true. If they are happy with water melon rinds then you stick with lentil soup maybe. Or lovely lentil curry. I am thinking of growing some sprouts this week since you inspired me!


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