Sunday, 11 May 2014

OOOOhh, 'ello!

My to do list went well except that the paint that I started to use in the sitting room wasn't right, it was from the decoration before this one (various creams). So instead I did the oil based painting upstairs. I left windows open, fans on etc but I woke up on Sunday morning feeling very sick and not at all well. It stayed all week. At work they tell me that they think it is still the virus which I had the other day and feeling under the weather from the paint inhalation let it get the upper hand with me again. The week passed in a flash and I need to check the work which I did last week as well as I cant remember if I did anything stupid :)

So Friday and my boy (old man) is back from visiting family. He went to Jordan because its too dangerous to go to Syria of course but he got to see two sisters and some nephews and nieces. He got really quizzed at the airport on the way back though, which was a bit scary but we like to know there is security to keep us a little bit safe. Its lovely to have him back and not just because he feeds us well.

Yesterday we didn't do very much apart from cleaning and laundry but today we had a lovely day in the garden and I plant some little start plants which hopefully i can keep alive. A cucumber plant, a courgette (zuchini) plant, some runner beans and loads of strawberries. The garden does need more work but is looking rather lovely at the moment. Not too weirdly tidy but a nice old country style garden.

Now we are all back normal and I dont feel poorly anymore. So nice start to the week.

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  1. It is good to hear that Fahed can visit some of his family members. It is terrible that the fighting has gone on so long and I hear less and less about it in the news. Those poor people.


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