Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I realized I have been so busy and neglectful of my blog. I shouldn't do that as it leads to excessive spending, weight gain and all manner of other baddies. I need to write things down for them to sink into my head. So i then thought about keeping a diary. Doh, so I then finally joined up the dots and realised I can just use my blog as a diary (you see, I definitely think more slowly when not writing stuff down). And so:

  • My dad gave me a massive bucket of plums. We ate a lot but I didn't stew and freeze as we find we don't like them as much then. Instead I made a plum liqueur. Alternate layers of plums and brown sugar, topped off by vodka. Gently shaken each week and ready by Christmas. Plums will then be made into ice cream for Christmas Eve pudding.
  • Borrowed a screen from work for my home PC (its allowed, came form the rubbish tip area of IT) so now I have no excuse to avoid maintaining mortgage spreadsheets etc
  • Decided to buy a money box. I have a huge vodka bottle to collect change in but it has become part of the landscape so i dont do it. Money box left in kitchen that gets everyone's attention is the way to go.
  • After holidays, and so from the October pay day I am going to make an effort to monitor spending against budget, which I currently do with a view to not overspending, and each week when I stay under petrol or shopping budget then money will go into the mortgage over payment account.
Oh, i do love making diary notes. I feel better already.


  1. Way to go Lizzie - keep on target and it will all fall into place. Good luck darl.

  2. I was wondering if you had forgotten the blog. I really need to learn how to preserve food in a way that will be useful to me later. I still have no idea what I will do with my frozen and dried tomatoes. I probably should have made sauce instead. Plum ice cream sounds wonderful.


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