Still here!

I haven't got lost again.

On track type things for today:

  • Printed a dozen or so shopping lists at work. Attached them tot he freezer with a bulldog clip and a magnet. The idea is that I tick what we need, shop at Lidl once a week and save kazzillions of pounds.
  • Order of 10kg of premium ca food arrived from Amazon - 50% cost saving against local pet store (which is a chain, not a struggling self employed person, so I don't feel guilt)
  • Faheds new Birkenstocks arrived. They last for years, never need repairing and I bought these for a very reasonable £28 approx. Shop price is £45-£48
  • Just pre diary my very own, and very beautiful Birkenstocks arrived. They were £45 but I had a £20 amazon voucher for a postage response thing I have been doing (logging letters) and £14 for returning an ipad case. Once upon a time I cannot swear that I would have bothered with returning the case.
  • Had two little barbecue ribs from lidl for dinner, along with vegetable rice. I can see why they were half price, just tough and nasty. Rice was lovely though.