Bank holiday Monday and it is too wet to gardening. In fact its almost 8am and so dark that it looks more like 5am.

However, I have plans:

  • Jamal is leaving for uni in the morning bright and early so today we have a nice family meal and watch a film together.
  • I have three bags to go to the recycling facility. (I also have three to go to the salvation army but i think it is tempting fate to put them in the car together. I will surely get mixed up)
  • I think a little ebaying might be a good idea to supplement funds for Crete. I have some strange things to sell. A lovely birdcage, a spares or repair gear box, a pool table (modelled below by Bagheera), some more conventional clothing and stuff. 


  1. Wow, a pool table with a cat model should definitely bring in some extra cash.

  2. I might have to photograph it without him. I suspect cat fur and scratches will not be especially popular/ Oops


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