• Bought three gig tickets for an upcoming festival where my sons band are performing. One is birthday present for my best mate. We did use the promo code though to get £15 off.
  • Spent some time sort out my study ready for home working during our building refurb. I am binning and recycling like a crazy woman. Also another pile to go to the other house. My assistant has been climbing over everything and knocking everything over. Now she is snoozing on the printer. I think we are progressing but I cant be sure! I did think pc was making a weird noise but pretty sure it is in fact a gentle purr.
  • Both kids are away today. One at his grandparents and the other is gigging a few hundred miles away. The old fella and I will eat from the store cupboard. Tomorrow we will have a nice meal as Jamal is then leaving us for a while.


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