Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Glad I perservered

Well this whole bloggy to-do (to done??) list thing is working really well for me. I am way more productive when I get my ducks in a row and to be blogged about the ducks must be aligned. Its very good for adding structure to my life

Tonight I am home alone, except three bonkers teenage kittens. Jamal has gone back to uni. I was very cool about it and didnt even go right in the airport with him. Ahdel & Sara are out to dinner with the band to say thank you to the guy who filmed their big gigs at the weekend. The old fella has tae kwondo after work.

As a reward I will tonight be mostly reading blogs and article on the net, maybe a little TV. Maybe I will sort of drawer or something just to feel like I have achieved something. Oh, and peruse the Old Style and Mortgage Free Wannabe board on MSE

Happy days indeed

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