Yogurt Knitting

Well it hasn't yet hot to that stage but I have:

  • Started crocheting a blanket -keep my knees warm in winter and help my RSI
  • Did my food shopping for £36 today in Lidl. Loads of veggies. And a frying pan!
  • Found my lovely, tidy and sorted out larder to be very handy and stopped me re-buying what I already own
  • More de-cluttering (where does it all bloody come from?)
  • Meal planned! Well just a little. Thai vegetable curry today and tomorrow There is a plan of roasted veggies at some point and they will later turn into soup. 
  • Popped to Asda late last night to pick up an order from the pharmacy, checked the condemned food fridge (fresh food reductions) but avoided buying anything at all! That is virtually unknown


  1. What kind of frying pan did you get? Mine are teflon but now that everyone says tefom is bad I want to try the ceramic coated but they are so expensive. And cast iron pans are too heavy.


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