Thursday, 18 September 2014

All good again

I don't know why I am being so grumpy. Everything is going well and I can't believe it will continue?

Fahed and I spent evening looking at you tube video of people making cider and wine with fruit presses. I think I am almost to the stage if getting one made for me. We love doing weird stuff like this so Fahed was equally smitten.

Jamal is home for the weekend before we go on holidays, as he has a hospital appointment. Lovely for us.

Jamal next lot of flights was £15 cheaper than when I checked last week

Cats are cute and adorable!

Ahdel and girlfriend are spending a few days apart. And he looks quite happy with this so might not be all glorious there. We shall see. Better to find it now then after marriage and children.

I may have said this already but we needed a new tyre and Fahed asked garage for a cheaply to keep us going until we do all tyres after holiday. They gave us one and. Aka fed tyres etc for nil charge. Bless their little cotton socks!

Cat people have higher IQ's the dog people. Must be true as I read it on the internet! Lol. Not you  the, you are honorary cat person!

My mate got 10% off car hire just for being my mate. Result.

Did I mention the amount of happiness I am getting from the cats? And I think they are what is keeping eldest son happy during relationship problems. Such a good investment. Lol

After looking at fruit press videos, and also planning a smaller press to make cheese, we discussed what we will do to the garden in Crete and what trees we will plant. Very pleasurable.


  1. If I am both a cat and dog person, does that make me twice as smart?

  2. Definitely. Though I might have to deduct something for he quails!


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