Thursday, 18 September 2014

One more work day

The men ate something for lunch which appeared to be almost entirely composed of tin tomatoes
(Very economical)

I had today's meals bought for me by the company as I was travelling and a bowl of Rice Krispies was a perfect 'dinner' this evening

I typed up instructions for eldest to use the washing machine etc when we are away. Pretty sure the electric bill will go down as he looked somewhat nervous of shrinking all his clothes so I suspect a few visits to grandma might be in order

The cats and I are in our beds nice and early (well in their baskets but I am in bed) as the weather is frightful and I saw the closest lightning ever tonight, so we are hibernating

This weeks shopping will be food for Ahdel for the month. Plus some cat litter and food

Before we leave all the leftover veg can become freezer containers if soil for the coming winter

Nothing especially exciting to report but I am keeping under control and eradicating waste


  1. When I went to school in Austria one year, I was completely confounded by the washing machines. I had never used a front loader and the instructions were in German, of course. Now front loaders are all the rage here and I have the one my mother bought. I wash all my clothes the same so it's pretty easy to use. Is yours a front loader?

  2. All front loader here. I haven't seen a top loader in thirty years. My Greek one is a mystery though, so I know what that is like. Lol


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