And another one!

Had another good day yesterday with a visit form my best mate and a visit to a local music festival where my sons band was playing

  • Lunch at the street market in Southampton. We had a souvalaki pitta and a bottle of water each for my friends birthday lunch. We sat in the sun and it was simple and blissfully lovely.
  • We couldn't find our 'free coffee from John Lewis' vouchers so straight back to collect Fahed form the leisure center. He kindly bought us extremely discounted coffees and colas  and we sat in the cafe for an hour or two and abandoned our plans to hit the charity shops.
  • We went to the festival (tickets discounted by £5 for using the voucher code) and took our picnic in our backpacks so not additional spending.
  • Our only failure was not picking the blackberries that we saw but they bordered the busy A3 and that didnt seem healthy


  1. Souvalaki, another food I have never heard of. Is that it in the photo? I looked it up on the internet and it said grilled meat and vegetables. Not very descriptive.

  2. Normally grilled pork or chicken. Then some slices of really mild onion and tasty tomato and a blob of yogurt or tzaziki, all wrapped up with a few chips in yummy chewy pita. Sprinkled with dried oregano. Mouth is now watering again!


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