Lovely day

My lovely husband made me a lunch of steak and salad today, based on the idea that a big lump of protein and a load of raw veggies was just what I needed to perk me up. And I wasnt allowed to stop eating until all of the veg was gone. It has worked, I am certainly feeling better.

And as he cooked I sat, and we talked. We talked about how much money we have stashed away for our holiday (no, not for cocktails for renovation works). I had to admit to having an extra £1200 stashed away which I hadn't previously mentioned. Then he said he has an extra £600 which he has been saving from his pocket money. So our ultra cautious financial natures have actually left us with slightly more than £2000 more than we think we need. Any that is leftover will be going in the car fund when we get back but I suspect we will just get a head start on work and maybe get next years plans started.

He is a sweatheart.


  1. Wow, 2,000 is a huge amount to save above and beyond all your other savings. I hope your renovations go well.


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