Friday, 19 September 2014

Getting ready travel

I have the weekend still, I planned my flights this way as I am now old enough to appreciate the extra time.

We are flying with easy jet so can't get a much better deal than that

Visitors are bringing some of our extra stuff so as to avoid excess baggage charges

I also got 10% discount on my car hire? And my lovely dad contributed quite bit too.

Tomorrow I am shopping for more food for Ahdel for the month. He doesn't eat much and he is ahoy with repeats, plus his grandma spoils him, so I am sure he won't have to spend too much.

Also on my shopping list is a picnic to take to the airport for our ore flight breakfast.

Parking is somewhere obscure but at a good price. My dad will collect us at the end of a month so we only leave his car there whilst they are with us. Saves several hundred pounds.

My 'special' kitten is chasing her tail as I type, and I occasionally get the claws as she whizz es around in a circle. Crazy baby cat. I didn't know cats did this, is tail chasing not for dogs?

Tomorrow. Y baby is back and we have a breakfast date. He he.

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