Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I am keeping at it even though I am not a massive fan of ebaying and selling generally

  • Gear box is being picked up by a courier Thursday after 2pm
  • Pool table - no progress today as I was working in a different office but hopefully tomorrow
  • I have six things listed on eBay - two have watchers
  • Free lunch at work today as we had off site training. Cold meat, cheese, salad. Yum!
  • Another no spend day. I am home alone in a while but I suspect dinner today will be another of my homemade, bulk frozen lasagnes and salad.
  • I have arranged for Fahed to go to a free Karate session tomorrow


  1. Lunch freebies are always welcome even if you have to put in some work to get them but where on earth did you find free Karate lessons? I take they were on Fahed's bucket list.

  2. Sadly they are only fro the three weeks until our holiday. If he likes them he has to pay after that, but it all counts!

  3. What is a gear box? It sounds like it was a popular item.


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