Plan B

So again we have the threat of redundancies at work. I am not worrying though. There is no point as what will be, will be. Also I worked out how much redundancy money I would get and its really good. So I am happy.

List for the day

  • Did a redundancy payment calculation (just in case)
  • And another one for my friend, just in case. Cheered him up though as he is right on the firing line and now he knows he would get about a years salary then he is a lot more chilled.
  • Forgot to report that we made lots of chicken and lamb stock at the weekend. Stock compartment if freezer is now full
  • Emailed a dozen gear box suppliers to see if anyone wanted to buy our old gearbox. One man wanted photos. Keep fingers crossed for me
  • Email from some one about the pool table. Again, wish some luck please.
  • One of my ebay items has a watcher.
  • Leftover for dinner, which were themselves made from leftovers.
  • Managed to swing my trips out etc around so much this week that I don't think I will incur any parking charges which are not reclaimable. Go me!
  • Submitted my working hours preferences to my boss. Am I asking for luck too much today

My sister in law wanted us to visit her in Jordan next spring. Because of the increasing troubles I told Fahed that I prefer we dont go. I am not scared of the danger but I dont want to have a problem getting my husband or sons back home with me. I like it better to go another time. So we dont get to see Petra just yer, again.


  1. Whenever I hint to my boss that he could pay me to leave he always says that will never happen. I don't know which scares me more, being fired or never leaving. Probably the second one.


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