Friday, 12 September 2014

Working from home

I am feeling better but not 100% so I thought a work from home day was a good idea.

So far I got much more done and its not even 10am yet. I love having the cats jumping around too. Its a distraction but not as much as people in my office.

And when I need a screen break then I can set the washing machine going, stack the dishwasher or indeed write a blog post instead of making yet another coffee.

So todays frugal things:

  • Saved petrol by working from home
  • On the negative side I have to pay for my own coffee
  • I can get a head start on weekend chores in my screen breaks
  • Dad gave me two corn on the cob
  • Booking my sons Christmas flight home from uni this week. 1/4 the price of catching the train!
  • Cats have stolen bath plug so its hard work to have a bath and is saving me loads of water and gas.
  • New and expensive fancy shower seems to be more efficient in use of electric and water, so that kind of makes up for its cost!
  • Got repaid £20 from someone who I had previously purchased gig tickets for (the old fella has swiped the £20 but we have it nonetheless)


  1. It's always nice to have an option to work from home :)

  2. My bathroom kitties have discovered the tub plug. They can't get it out of the bathroom though so I guess I'm lucky.


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