Wednesday - 1st week back syndrome

Back into routine at work

Treading water at home. Just lets get through tot he weekend and have time for some serious sorting out.

  • Laundry all complete
  • Pickling and preserving all complete
  • Bedding needs changing (get on with it, lazy girl)
  • Found free online Greek lessons (trying to sound positive in my slothful week)
  • Almost printed off new wodge of shopping lists (i favour the tick the item method of writing lists) for the weekend but found my printer was gone, No broken, gone. We are moving office on Friday.
  • Helped my son fix his malfunctioning laptop, thanks kittens, using the tried and tested methodology of my work IT team - turn it off and on again.


  1. That's what I told my mother today, turn it off turn it on. Unfortunately, it didn't work so she had to call the customer service people. I'm glad it worked for you this time.


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