Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday - Token gesture

  • Completed my shopping list
  • Decided to do Saturday shop at Lidl
  • Tomorrow I have a free, and some posh, lunch at work. Celebration of completion of successful year end. 
  • Also a pre wedding celebration for a colleague. She has decided to pay for food for all of us, despite all of protestations, at a local Indian restaurant. She got rather cross with us when we insisted on paying so we finally gave in. I am assuming it is something cultural important but i am still not comfy with her paying, but what can we do. So a big present at the very least!
  • Also car sharing to work which saves a little full but does save us £5.20 parking
  • Also lifts in the evening instead of taxis so another fair sized saving.

I might be getting back on track

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