Sunday, 9 November 2014

Best Christmas present ever

Today Fahed is poorly. Swimming teachers pick up a lot of viruses from the kids and from being cold and wet a lot of the time. So I keep him warm, let him sleep a lot and occasionally fill him up with vegetable soup.

So today I have got a few things done, usual list to follow, including sorting out my mending pile. A have fixed a few things, binned a couple of items and left a tricky one for later ) new sleeves fitted under old sleeves on a Christmas posh frock). As I doing doing my mending i noticed that I had to take a new needle form the pack, and then noticed it is the same needle pack I had since my uncle gave me my sewing box when I was 12. He didnt just buy me the actual box but filled it up witha ll sorts of sewing bits and bobs. I played with it for days non stop and am still using most weeks, forty years later. Now that's what I call a gift. . Lots more cotton has arrived but a lot of the basics are still in use and still good. Now I think its time for the sewing box to have a bit of a refurb, as the original cover is splitting. The inside is as good as new. Good old uncle Gordon, he really knew what U was like.

  • Made a shepherds pie for dinner and for tomorrow - heavy on the lentils and grated carrot, not just the lamb.
  • Mending and sewing
  • All the laundry washed, almost dried and will be put away today.
  • Final stage of the great paperwork sort out as I file what is left.
  • Yet another box of goodies for the charity shop
  • I am hovering on the edge of making some jam this afternoon but we shall see.

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  1. Awesome gift! Useful gifts are my favorite and gifts that are useful for 40 years are precious indeed.


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