Monday - back to work, back to normal

Sometimes weekends seem long and sometimes they seem short. What am I talking about, they always seem short. But this one really did seem quite long as Fahed was poorly and asleep most of the time. I was in bed and ready to snooze by 8.30 last night!

So today, back to work and very little chance for anything too exciting, so:

  • Sent off my glasses for re-glazing at a cost of £15 per pair. Potential saving £100 per pair - and there are three pairs, one for distance (driving,e specially at night), one for computer screen and one for book reading.
  • Throw my Sainsbury £3 voucher sin the bin, having realised that I was looking to buy things just to use the voucher. Silly woman!
  • Printed off some vouchers for a free pudding, ice cream I would guess, when I go for dinner for my friends birthday this evening. We dont normally celebrate but her husband is poorly and she is constantly working or at the hospital so we are having a little meal together tonight so she gets at least a small break.
  • £15 Amazon voucher from my mail logging job thingbobit.

Not so bad actually!


  1. I have to constantly watch out for the coupon trap. I must buy it because I have a discount but I don't need it so I should just ignore the temptation. 100% savings.


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