Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sarurday - Lets get going

Fahed is still ill, we are awaiting results form the doctor for whic medications to be taking next. Lorenzo is still somewhat "accident prone". I feel these things might be giving me the illusion of not moving forward. So what do we do when we feel stuck? We do a list!

  • Leaving Fahed in bed all day/weekend.
  • Taking Lorenzo tot he vet on Monday as I really could not get a urine sample out of her with shutting her away on her own, and as she has never been separated form her sister she just cried. I had too much conscience so now she is seeing the cat doctor.
  • A bit of garden work in the front garden
  • Clean out both lots of birds
  • Make a new cat feeding area
  • Take kitten into garden for a while for the first time.(nervous cat mummy here)
  • Shopping
  • Laundry - wash, dry, put away
  • De-cluttering - I know I seem to do nothing but this but there always seems to be plenty to go and I do think I can finally see the difference
  • Make Jam & Marmalade
  • Plan Christmas cooking
  • New style menu planning - From time to time I do this and we never stick with it. But my problem is never having ideas. So I am pulling together a list and a few recipes, just for when my brain gets stuck.

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  1. I made a list too and then I didn't look at it again for a week. I only accomplished one thing on the list. I hope you made more progress on your list.


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