Thursday, 20 November 2014

Thursday - quick one!

What I meant was not much to say

Fahed made a meal of chopped cooking bacon, chopped potatoes friend up in a little olive oil and then crack a few eggs on the top. He left enough for me to have this for ny dinner and it was yum, and very frugal!

All kittens are still here and safe and well.

More marmalade to be made next weekend. A pot in everyone's Christmas gifts!

Off to bed to hide under warm covers


  1. That reminds me of the breakfast I cooked for myself on my day off. Sausage, tater tots, eggs and cheese in a tortilla. I made so much that the tortilla was bursting. The dogs were happy to help me eat it though.

  2. Are tater tots nice? I hear the name in sit coms sometimes but I hadnt realised they were a real thing. I wont be sharing with the cats! or a t least I hope I want but sometimes they can be pretty quick/


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