Wednesday - Thinking about new years again

I know. I do try not to do this until December but things keep sneaking up on me.

  • Having the big house clean at beginning of December and have asked for a quote to keep the place clean. I am hoping this also means that the rest of the household would be less untidy (some hope)
  • Fahed wants me to joining him on his Wednesday karate sessions. I am not sure but have agreed a trial fortnight.
  • Six weeks of Greek language lessons in February - I must learn more Greek, its embarrassing not being able to talk to my neighbours
  • I am getting new tyres for my bike. These appear to be made of the same stuff as bullet proof vets. really no excuse at all to avoid cycling (especially as MMM is my hero)
  • Remortgaging to fix the mortgage rate - and reduce the repayment period by 5 years. Made the first move today.
  • Stop buying free books on Kindle. So far they are all worth exactly what i paid for them. Doh!
  • Have asked if I can have an old computer from work which was going in the bin. I suspect it is way better than my current one. I prefer a desk top for my 'work' but am happy with a laptop or ipad normally. I also don't like any superfluous rubbish on my desktop. Its just a little working donkey.
  • Wondering if I can cancel the movie channels post Christmas without causing too much excitement!


  1. I started downloading free ebooks but I never seem to have time to read them plus I can usually find the same information on the internet. Every time I think about riding a bike, someone gets hit in our town. I don't trust people who drive cars.


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