Tuesday - another thrash of the budget

Budget obsessed? Maybe

I spent some time today re-working the budget.

I updated the spreadsheet to allow for my reduced car insurance, my reduced house insurance, my kitten insurance and my kitten club charge.

The I tried a few options for mortgage repayments which can be made without making us too skint. That might sound mad but actually its because we have another couple of houses which need things doing to them, not because I spend a fortune on designer handbags and lunches with the ladies.

I have now an account which receives all of our income.

From there I have automatic transfers to:

Savings account
Shopping Account
Bills Account
Faheds Account (for what he refers to as his pocket money)

Simplicity and so much easier than when everything went into one account. And online banking makes it all relatively painless. Days of banking surprises are hopefully behind us


  1. Hello Lizzie
    I don't think you are 'money hungry' by concentrating on if there's enough and where it goes. I can tell you from experience life is really awful when those two things don't work in harmony with each other

    Our multiple home ownership ceased on retirement - the proceeds of their sale became our superannuation pension. Must admit there is less to think about that way lol

    Anyway I'm with you on the big pot that's divied up - we've worked that way for years. Bit hard the first year but once you get going it does bring peace of mind as the cash is there when I need it and gows during the months it's not.

    And of course there's a 'travel' account there as well as ones for bills car house - all those necessary things in life :)
    Take care

  2. I like to feel in control, that's the thing.
    I dont rent out the other house but it seems to give me plenty to worry about anyway :)
    Travel is definitely an essential!


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