Small habits - big differences

My sons former girlfriend went through a phase of doing our laundry and dish-washing. Very kind so I didnt complain but since she isn't here anymore I have started to do it myself my bills are down so much. So, with all things electrical, I play by the rules

  • Only use the tumble dryer when its largely unavoidable - I don't dry indoors as when I did this previously it made my house very damp and I dont use heating until it really cold, so it would be a waste to heat it just for the drying.
  • Dont set the dishwasher going unless it is full
  • Dont set the dishwasher going unless it is stacked in such a way that everything will come out clean
  • Dont set the washing machine going until it is full but not overfull.
  • Give everything a good spin before drying.
  • Even if it not a sunny day then you can still get a bit of drying done. 
  • Put shirts etc on coathangers to bring them in quickly.  
  • Fill the 'clothes horse' with towels, jeans etc and you can lift it indoors in one go if the rain starts
  • Hang your undies on an octopus (multi hanger thing) and again you can grab it and bring it indoor in no time.
  • Drying that is already partially dry can be finished in doors, unless its really cold and damp, without making the house damp.
  • Dont use the electric oven to cook things which are perfectly good in the microwave or in a dry griddle pan.

Any one have any further ideas to brings the bills down?


  1. I am terribly wasteful with my dryer especially since I live in a dry climate. I rarely use my oven. My tiny toaster oven is good enough for a small pizza. I have to be careful not to catch things on fire in there though. It is really easy to do.


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