Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday Kids and kittens

  • Up at 6am to drop Jamal at the hospital for a 7am kickoff - Removal of two wisdom teeth, general anesthetic. He has never been anesthetized before but looks a lot better than I normally do. Teeth, or rather the gaps, are sore and stitched and he is fine with pain. That counts as a success. He especially doesn't want problems when he is back at sea.
  • Fahed is still poorly, since Thursday, he just looks bleugh and I also noticed an unhealthy attached to the bathroom.......
  • My special kitten, Lorenzo, is having trouble deciding what is a litter tray. I need a new quilt. I wonder if Fahed smells funny since he is sick. I cant imagine what else makes her suddenly decide that my bed cover is a suitable place for tiddles. So I have bagged up the autumn/spring quilt and am binning it. Last night had a very light weight summer quilt but I would rather be cold than have cat pee in my bed (obviously!)
  • On the bright side my £15 Amazon voucher can be used towards a new quilt. I am going up a size so will also need new bedding.

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  1. This makes me very glad that my kitties are locked in the bathroom. I am trying pine litter this time. I definitely like the smell better than clay litter and no dust. I'm getting a little tired of sawdust everywhere though.


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