Still whining!

I have a cold. Maybe I was already catching this cold and that's why I was already whiny but anyway I am lounging around in my cold (which I obviously to be something far worse than a cold, which only I know about) and completely surrendering because I know I have a break now and a new beginning. The calender isn't especially relevant but why not take the chance of a new year if it is offered to you?

Leaving behind;

All whingy moaning
General feeling of low level illness (hereby known as bleugh)
Inactivity and its associated boredom
Worrying and a general feeling in my chest of fear and concern. Dont know where it has come from but maybe with my son leaving home? But anyway it is banned from....well, shortly

Starting afresh:

Getting in the best place at home
and at work
Sorting out what work needs doing on houses and cars this year and doing the budgets
Planning in plenty of activity and exercise
Planning out days of sloth and whinge
Some new meal planning as we are likely to be only two of us for most of the time

Christmas plans
All my work and other parties are now behind me (and I did have fun)
My food shopping is complete.
I have a plan for tomorrow nights supper, which is when the family come to me.
Christmas day is at my mama's house and I take along a pudding, some veggies and some pigs in blankets. I don't know why but it was always this way.
On Boxing day we will go for a family walk and then to my sisters house. I don't have an instructions for what to bring but could easily make something.
House is decorated (minimally)
Presents are bought - my good intentions to make all my presents are thwarted again but I spend very little as we have £10 per person limit and we only buy for very close family. We considered to ditch it but we enjoy the challange to get something for the price allowed.
So tomorrow just some vacuuming and cooking, which is fun anyway and we are sorted.
Happy days indeed

So Christmas photss


  1. I did no planning at all for gifts and ended up spending wildly. I am not looking forward to the credit card bill.


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