Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ooooh Hello

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Rather strangely we were still ill but not seriously, just enough to make us finish the days early and not eat so much! We all have a virus apparently. At least its all of us so we didn't have to avoid all our love ones!

So now I have a week or so to catch up on sleep and activity, then I am full of beans again.

I am getting up an hour later in the morning and then taking it easy. Everyday something done but nothing too much. Ha ha. Its utter mayhem when we get back to work, until the end of February, so I am a major recharge of battery session.

Also taking the opportunity tog et rid of more stuff. I am beginning to notice now that everything I see around me is something which I actually like, so that must mean that the other stuff leaves a space/ My very slobby son has also come around to my way of thinking and plans to do the same. Eldest son has sort of moved out but I still see to have a lot of his stuff here. Ah well, it cant work every time I guess.

So 2015 is approaching fast, time for me to decide what will be different, what new habits to work on. There is a lot going on in my head about health and fitness, some things about organising the place, a few new ideas but mostly fairly typical new year fare.

But before I give up before I even start I have to say I am ten times more active than I was a year ago, more active than i thought I could be. I have a bike! I have classes in my calender, its a miracle! I am 8kg lighter. Not a huge amount but its all in the right direction so all good. Then there is the organisation. I am now mostly car sharing, saving loads in fuel and parking costs. Minimal waste of food and I make yummy healthy meals/

So maybe life should be like a big old steamer crossing the Atlantic, and I can alter course a little and a little and we make big changes over time.

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  1. Sounds like you've made some big changes and they are part of your routine now. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick on your holidays is just rotten.


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