Monday, 15 December 2014

What i actually managed to do from Sunday

  • Drop clothes at clothes bank YEP
  • Drop curtains, air purifier and old desktop pc (working fine) at the Salvation Army for them to raise a few extra funds YEP
  • Finish dry and put away laundry ALMOST
  • Birthday card for my little great niece (one tomorrow - time whizzes past) UM, ARRANGED TO GIVE OVER THE GIFT NEXT WEEKEND SO I HAVE EXTRA TIME
  • Empty the bins/sort out the recycling YEP
  • Sort the Christmas decorations. Maybe put up a little more but I suspect a lot of recycling YEP and also found that I did this last year so I didnt have as much junk as I thought.
  • Drop box of glasses to charity shop YEP
  • Make a food plan for Christmas. -  for me this means Christmas eve evening buffet, dessert to supplement Christmas pud at my parents house on Christmas Day, some extra sides for my parents house too (my immediate thought is pigs in blankets and red cabbage), maybe an additional pudding for Boxing day at my sisters house. PARTLY
  • Making a list (and checking it twice!) - presents still to get! We have a ten pound rule on gifts & I only buy for a few people. However I do like to get my kids, not that they are kids, a few extra things to open as they are not materialistic at all, so it s mostly pleasure for me. One needs new underwear and t shirts. One needs nothing much but I also thought to get them an external hard drive each. Especially useful as Jamal will be going away to see for 2 lots of five months this year, so he can rip some movies and games for his down time. They stay at anchorage quite a lot so even when not at sea they are not actually on land so sometimes a bit of entertainment would be nice. YES
  • Tonight we are having Faheds birthday dinner as first chance for us all to be together since his birthday. WE DID AND IT WAS YUM.
This made me feel much better about achieving, and often the lack of achieving.  Maybe I should check back a bit more often


  1. Okay, this looks like one of my posts, what a fireball you are, send energy my way please!

  2. It certainly looks like you accomplished a lot. I think I am going to skip the decorating this year. The thought of putting it up and taking it all down again is turning me in to the grinch.


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