How long is it until payday again?

Nah, I have enough but I would like to add more cash to the car fund if i can so i thought a fluffy of activity was the way to go.

I have a travel DVD player to return to ASDA and no receipt. I was told I need to say the day I bought it and the total value of my payment. Last time I tried this they said they would call me back. I checked this by phone today and am going to try it again tomorrow. £60

I also have a set of DVDs which my son bought for his brother but which we found he already has. I will do my best to return this as well. £10

Then I remember some jeans I also bought which look frightful, so they go in the back as well. £10 (should have been suspicious when jeans were £10 - they do look awful but I suspect better on other people)

Wish me luck!

I returned the boots which I had for Christmas as they broke with 30 minutes of wearing them. Still awaiting the refund of £55. I have bought some on ebay now which arrived today, are discounted by about 80% and which look even more cool (studded biker boots - eek!)

I returned a CD audio book which Fahed didn't like and there is a £20 refund on its way for that.

Not 100% certain but I don't think I have any else to go.

I need much luck!!


  1. Good luck! And your new boots sound fun :)

  2. That's a lot of money for returns. Many people would just forget about them and they would add to the clutter. Good job for getting that money back.


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