I am on fire!

Well de-cluttering fire.

62 items today!

Fahed and I went through our wardrobes and our under-bed storage. We were ruthless! Now we can find our clothes again.

62 includes 13 Christmas decorations and a handful of ornaments and glasses.

To complete the wardrobe revamp I have to dye three items and shorten some jeans.

My sewing machine is staying out all week this week.  I have shortened 2 karate outfits. I am also determined to finish the sleeves on my dress (my excuse, its really hard!) that I have had in the basket for a couple of years. Lastly a bit of patching of the sofa covers. New ones are needed but they have to wait until the kittens are older and less inclined to wreck everything in sight!

Still haven't done my goals list. I blame my sicklyness.


  1. Goals? Who has time for goals when you are on a roll. Great job with de-cluttering! I need to catch some of your enthusiasm.

  2. Wel exactly!
    I have 18 on my list so far, was aiming for 30,but they include stuff like 'sleeping well' so I am approaching from a very different angle this year.


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