Last years goals

Is ti too late to still be wittering on about goals?

I went back to look at my postings for last New Year and found I was somewhat vague and also somewhat predictable.

I said I wanted to be more in control of my money, less indented etc - I am . I we less than ever before and its decreased a fair bit. I also sorted out paying Greek tax, which had been a mystery to me. I have a budget and I stick to it. We had a load of money to take to the Greek house this year and we got quite a bit don't with it. So this is a pass 9 as opposed to a fail)

I also wanted to exercise more, eat more healthily and lose a bit of weight. I exercised on average 3 times each week (more than I had for some years) although i did cause myself so inflammation in my joints by forgetting I was 52 not 25. That is mostly under control now. I ended the year 8kg down and my doctor was happy and asked for more of the same.  Today my shopping trolley over flows with veggies and we mostly avoid carbs except the veggy ones (corn on the cob good, nice slice of toast not so much)

Not so bad. This year more of the same plus a whole load of more specific ones. I have the power!!


  1. It certainly sounds like achieved your goals. I don't remember how you figured out the Greek tax but I am glad it all worked out.

  2. I am going for things a bit harder and more broad ranging thins year.
    I got a German guy, who employs a Greek accountant, but specializes in foreigners, as we tend not to read and write Greek even when we can speak it and also taxes are weird as we have homes and costs but no local income. Taking so long to sort myself actually saved me money and that doesnt often happen!
    Next comes the leglisation of the house!!!


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