I am pretty much back

The virus which I had since the start of December finally feels like it is ready to move on and let me live alone. None too soon.

And so I know finally feel I can face the stuff I planned to do over the Christmas break.

I am no longer noting down all of my de-cluttering because so much is going that my targets are irrelevant. The thing that made all the difference was when the other household members saw the improvement and joined in. I don't know if de-cluttering is a forever thing or we get there and then start over but i think this year will be the year and then in future its just occasional little flurries of activity.

Having written my goals in my book makes them easier to keep a hold of and I think having them in my mind does make more happen even with my conscious decision. Some have even been achieved already (yes, now I will wrestle my conscience that they were too easy). I have also made some progress with those which are still outstanding.

I had 30 goals on my list, I rather think that as i achieve one I could replace it. I don't want it to feel like I am getting nowhere though, so i have to think some more about that.

All in all I think 2015 will be a pretty good year.


  1. I am inspired by your decluttering or at least, reminded that I need to do it. Maybe if you keep writing about it I will catch some of your enthusiasm. It is so much easier for me to help other people declutter. I helped my mother clean out a closet yesterday. It was easy for me because it wasn't my stuff. Heaven forbid I have to get rid of my own stuff.


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