Saturday, 7 February 2015

We are all KonMari-ing now

I found this amazing bonkers book called ' The life changing power of tidying' through reading Moyras blog at 'Get Stuff Done' and now the brilliant Elaine at Mortgage Free in Three is also joining the club. She has loads of readers so we are slowly taking over the world and free people from their materials shackles.

I would just like to show you my drawers!

Work clothes and non work clothes

Then my actual drawers, which I have fitted new knobs on (reduced - TKMaxx) as part of my love my house project. And lastly Lorenzo sort of helping mummy to work......


  1. KonMari sounds like some sort of right-of-passage for Klingons. Love the knobs and the kitty.

    1. It does. I am loving the idea of Worf folding his tshirts like this too. Kobs are beautiful but Lorenzo even more so!


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