Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sunday = Officially now our doing day (until summer at least)

We totally got into house/garden maintenance this Sunday

  • Sliced up a big tree in the front garden and separated from from wood. Wood is for the chimenea in the back garden when we are eating outside. Green goes in my garden bin, should take about six weeks for all of it to go!
  • Fixed and replaced the airbrick in the front wall.
  • Demolished a tree base and root in next doors garden. We did it because the tree blocks our windows and makes downstairs quite dark. They are also happy.
  • Up on the shed roof for re-sealing all of the screws with black outdoor silicone
  • Fahed fixed his huge glass shed door, now it opens and shuts properly and stays shut when required.
  • Dye my boots black as I am never going to wear brown boots. They look very nice
  • Cooked a lovely meal of chicken soup and burghal, the ast of which we had for our dinner tonight.
  • Hemmed the arms and legs on two karate gi's
Not so bad I think 


  1. For some reason that made me thing of the Karate Kid movie. Instead of 'wax on, wax off' and 'paint the house', you were doing 'chop the tree' and 'caulk the shed'. :)


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