Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Yes, still banging on about goals

I cant help it. I am loving it!

Commence legalization of the Crete house - going to take years and cost a ton but if I start it then I will be closer to finishing it - New Greek government (don't believe the rubbish in the papers) looks like they want the rich to start paying some tax and us normals might not have to pay as much - so please keep everything crossed for me. My accountant and surveyor are already sorting this out from my instructions last November

Enjoy my house - Continuing with simplifying and de-cluttering until what is left is all we need. This is really simple but its making so much difference to me - Better and better all the time

Dancing - I love dancing and its good for me. Lets get it onto the calendar - Still poorly but maybe next week or the week after? I have found two regular dance classes to attend locally.

Visit Newcastle - My son is in his second year at Uni and I have been up to visit him and see the place - End of March, all sorted and also a couple of days in Edinburgh

Cats fully trained - Can cats be trained? Well anyway I want them to understand the cat flap, how to sneak through windows, what is and what isn't a litter try and the  sofa is not the place to sharpen your claws. Still scratching and the special one cant handle the cat flap but no little surprises outside of the litter tray - Result!

Car - We are sharing a car. Its okay but not convenient at all. Sort this in the year. We finally found a good car at the right price, after negotiations, so Fahed is now up and running and I have my own car back. Which also means lots more driving for work, which is very helpful when my expenses are paid.

Clear my overdraft - I tend to forget I have an overdraft because it is free but I would be happier without it so every time I get any money (i.e. pay day or expenses day) I plan to reduce it by £100.- So far I have reduced it seven times - totally £350. I didn't even think of this as debt before. Never really noticed it in fact. But now its on its way

Super club - I really fancy the idea of something like a pop up restaurant at our house or somewhere where you are, for one evening, a restaurant. I obviously delegate the cooking to Fahed but all the same, its a goal for me. Ditched this idea. I think i must have read an article that influenced me during goal setting. I might think of replacing it with climbing. Need a few kilo off first though.

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  1. My fingers are crossed for you on the Crete house. I hope it all works out. I am in awe that you own such a beautiful property.


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