Bright and sunny

I have woken up to a glorious day and I need to ensure I make the most of it.

The doctor isn't happy with me. I have had two lots of blood tests which suggest I could be on the edge of diabetes. This seems to improve my ability to diet quite considerably. I am frantically sticking to a VLCD in the hope of dropping my blood sugar back before my next blood test. Instead of leaving me exhausted I seem to have a ton of energy. So it makes sense all round to keep myself as busy as possible today. Keep my mind off food, use up max calories, house and garden can only benefit.

And so, to the list:

  • Vacuum right through, including all the sofas.
  • Bins/rubbish out
  • Laundry (wash all and dry on the line)
  • Scrub bathroom and kitchen
Time to hit the garden

  • Tidying
  • Plant up some plants
  • Sort out the herb garden
Fahed is working all day but tomorrow we will also do garden work if things are dry. A new fence panel and concrete gravel board need to be fitted. So more concreting and laying on blocks if his knee is better.

Shopping is already done for the week £33

Main thing is focus on doing stuff to avoid eating stuff!!


  1. That's great that you are putting your extra energy to good use. I hope it works and you avoid the nasty diabetes.

  2. I have bought a blood glucose monitor. Seems to be working so far


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