House plans

This house is pretty old (107 years) and only one family has lived here before us, so you know it was probably in quite a state when we moved here. We bumped into a guy at the pool yesterday who lived in our street during the war. He is the grandfather of one of Faheds students. He remembers when our house was bombed! Okay, so it was bad when we got it but at least it wasn't still bombed out.

Anyway, now we feel we are in the final straight here.

  • New bath, basin and taps upstairs. The kids says they will do this for us as we were all equally horrified at cost from plumber. Pleased to say kids are more than capable and they dont charge!
  • New floor in downstairs bathroom. We laid a floor of glass mosaic which cracked and isnt water tight, so we also can't use the second shower. I will pull up the old floor and Fahed can lay the ceramic tiles for the new one and do the plumbing.
  • Finish window frame between kitchen and conservatory, plus any other woodwork (Fahed can do this, just needs time)
  • Jamals room needs decorating. He is home from college now for 13 months but during that time he will be away at sea for 9 months. Even when he finishes college he will be away for  8 months in 12 so he says he stays home with us and doesn't look for a home for himself. So maybe its time to get rid of the carpet with hippos and elephants for a young mans room!
  • Once Jamals room is done and he is away then we do our own bedroom carpet and the landing carpet, we just need somewhere to put our bed etc whilst we are doing it.
  • Back garden. Half done, the lovely English weather stops us mostly but its on its way and we have all of the hard landscaping stuff.
  • Front garden. A tidy, new wall to the main bed
  • Sitting room - sort out wiring for electrics, TV etc
  • Otherwise I could just touch up paint in a few places and we are done.
I feel the end is in sight! Well as much as it ever is with such an old house.

Later today in discussions with Fahed we talk about what we do tot he Crete houses this year. Apparently I like a challenge (says the accidental landlord)


  1. Hippos and elephants? I want pictures! He has lived with hippos and elephants all of his life and never wanted to redecorate?

  2. Its lovely! Yes. It must be 20 years old carpet. Came from our previous house because this room is a little smaller. Still in good condition but looks like the poor old hippos are going!


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