Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Food planning

I was watching River Cottage this week and specifically a guy who has studied chicken since 1970! Specifically how nutritious their meat is and has been over this time. It was grim listening. In 1970 it was low fat, nutritious protein, high in Omega 2. And organic chicken still are, but they others, even the RSPCA approved ones, are really no better for you than a fatty burger :(

We eat fairly healthily but I always, or almost always,buy from supermarkets.

We are going to try to make a few changes.

So in my plan this week.

A Sunday visit to the local farmers market with my grocery money.

This farm is also close by to us, so no excuses

There is farm shop about 3 miles from here as well, on the outskirts of Winchester but sadly no webpage to share. I will investigate

This is where I used to buy my veggies and I can do so again. Just need to get myself organised

Ingrid in the next street supplies eggs

I am never wasteful but I suspect I will be even more likely not to be at non supermarket prices

One last thin. I need to revitalise my little herb garden, add a garlic garden

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  1. I want to try growing garlic too. I can't believe I've never tried it before.


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