Saturday, 28 February 2015


I know everytime I say I feel better I immediately take a turn for the worst but I thought I would chance it again! Cough gone, chest infection almost gone (i can walk up stairs without needing to stop for a rest), minimal sneezing, aches and  pains evaporating, fever is gone. I feel about 15 years younger, seriously. In fact I suspect I might be somewhat annoying as I bounce about like, well, you know who.

Already part way through my list

  • Grocery shopping (done)
  • Laundry and sorting (90% done)
  • Pop into town to buy hair dye, pharmacuticals and fabric dye (done)
  • Smarten up and clean sitting room (1/2 done)
  • Sweep right through all rooms
  • Lunch prepared
  • Bank reconciled (done)
  • Having a bit of a sort out in sons bedroom (started)
  • Might even get as far as sorting the larder and cupbaords
  • Dyeing dingy white skirt and top which look a bit tired.
  • Cleaned bathroom (done)
Also I plenty of time to do it. The other half went to work at 8am. Finishing at six pm but his voluntary job starts in the same place at seven so he is going straight there. So I will take him down a lunch and spend some time with him at 2 but other wise I have no excuse not to beaver away.

Boingy boingy

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  1. The tidying is never-ending. I put my house back in order after having visitors. I lost count of the loads of laundry. All finished but now I want a day off.


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