Saturday, 14 March 2015

Messy me

Today housework is calling. I must listen. The place is a wreck. Its reasonably clean but untidy and cluttered like things are queueing up to be put away. I would do before and after photos if I wasn't so embarrassed!

So some frugal achievements to get me happy and up and running!

  • The plumber that I asked for a quote for my bath fitting came back with £475, just for fitting the bath and basin. I am guessing he doesn't want the job as my menfolk can fit it in less than a day. And so we go back to be self sufficient. I thought deep down that we wouldn't get a professional but now I know it for sure.
  • Shopping came in at a fraction under £50
  • We changed our mini holiday plans slightly so that instead of booking hotels we stay at Jamals flat (which is paid for until end of the month) and go out for days in all directions. 
  • £15 in free Amazon vouchers for my postal survey thing
  • £5 waitrose vouchers from my mum for I am not sure why but she said for being her accountant!
  • I made my first batch of yogurt in my yogurt maker. Was a bit slimey so I think I need more practice
  • Fahed made, or actually is making, Arabic cheese from 3ly of greek yogurt. It is drying on top shelf of the larder so I cant risk taking a photo.
  • Gas and electricity usage went down £20 this month. 
okay, lets go go go!


  1. Arabic cheese from Greek yogurt in the UK. How international! I am afraid to call my plumber to see how much he will charge to change the showerhead and regulator. Plus, I am pretty sure he will have to hack in to the wall which will ruin the ugly tile. I'm not sad about the tile, only the final bill.


  2. It's been a while since I popped in to say hello Lizzie. Hopefully all your water problems are solved by now - what would your menfolk want by way of remuneration for 'helping' their mum and dad ??


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