Thrify update

I think I must be back on my 'auto thrift' setting.

This week I:

Went to the casino with Fahed, briefly, as they have a 2 main course and wine deal on Tuesdays (to fill the place up I guess) for £10. I think it would have cost more to buy and cook. Also Fahed only goes to the casino when its free, so on random Tuesday. Next time is 24th March but I might tag along for my dinner before slipping home again.

Went to a 'go-karting and Italian' birthday evening out at work. I was too much of a scaredy cat for the carting but it was well exciting to watch. I skipped off before the pizza as the karting took so long but, and now you can tell we are a bunch of accountants, they managed to get a deal on both the carting and the food afterwards through everyone searching out vouchers. I dont know if its everywhere or just us but I notice vouchers have long since stopped being uncool.

Evening out at my sisters for chat and wine. No spend again.

Another one of my wine classes with Hampshire WIne School. We paid during our last class to get a discount (of course) and I budgeted and paid into the kitty for my food costs last pay day. This is a once a month treat and so far is very educational. I tell myself that one day I will import wine, along with my olive oil, for an interesting and maybe profitable time.

I gave away a lovely rubberwood CD rack tot he only person i know who still has CD's

Got a quote from a plumber to fit the new cath and basin. Or actually I failed to as the guy seems somewhat confused and I still havent heard from him. Fahed has said he will get on and do it himself. Tee hee. It almost like I planned it!

Shopping now averages around £50 per week but included in there are some building up of supplies which has been going on. For example this week 5 liters of Greek yogurt as Fahed is making arabic cheese. Last week enough dishwasher tablets to last until 2017. Something I have noticed but only recently, is that we very often dont have a meal as such every day. Sometimes just some chopped veggies or a big bowl of yogurt. I was worrying we eat too much meat but I am concluding by how little I buy and the freezer never seem sot empty, that we eat quite a bit of meat when its a celebration meal or with visitors but otherwise not at all.

I bought a yogurt maker from Amazon. It was £38 down to £14 and i used my 'postal survey' vouchers. I dont know why my yogurt is always rubbish but hopefully this does the trick.

Anyway its SAturday and I dont know what the day brings, Fahed has hurt his knee laying pavers in the garden so will be home from work very early. I know for sure we wont be going shopping but I suspect we might be pricing up bathroom fittings and making cheese. perfect Saturday!


  1. Every time I read your blog I am reminded of my own to-do list. Using up my freezer food and replacing my bathroom fixtures are high on my list.


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