Saturday, 4 April 2015

Back to normal

Well and truly home again.

I am washing and drying laundry, where does it all come from? Also cleaning kitchen etc.

My lovely youngest son is redecorating his room (bye bye hippo carpet, you served us well) so his stuff is everywhere so instead of running around with my hair standing on end from the chaos I am chilling. I figured I might as well. Once he has finished then everything else can be dumped or recycled accordingly. IN the meanwhile i walk with my eye half closed so I don't see the mess.


  1. I'm going through the same chaos and carpet extraction! I bet your hippo carpet was in better shape than my 1980 brown mobile home carpet disaster.

  2. I took photos of it to show you. It is now underlay for the new carpet as it was still too good for the dump. When the room is finished I will post before and afters


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