Thursday, 9 April 2015

Decorating bug

My youngest son is home, well obviously as we brought him home with us, but home and nesting. Whilst he is studying and at sea its not worth looking for a place of his own so he is sorting out his room here. He is going for the total re-vamp but being one of us its all on a budget and with our own labour

  • Wall paper 5 rolls @ just under £6 (its the paintable stuff)
  • Ceiling paint (Black - eek!) £13
  • Wall paint (Aubergine) £39
  • Lighting fitting £40 -reduced
  • All new lighting switches, sockets etc £22 in the sale
  • Dye for curtains 4 x £5 = £20
  • Exisitng bedding - Nil
  • Carpet - very good quality but a pricy (by our standards) £200
The transformation is amazing. I cant say it is especially too my taste as very dark.  Wood work is not yet painted and the curtain pole is not yet up but i will show you when it is

Total cost £363. A lot of money but for the price its amazing and I think will do him for some years

And I am rather please that he is quite frugal with his purchasing but also managed to go for quality. His father fitted the carpet, His father, brother and brother's girlfriend did/helped with the painting. I was, luckily for me, at work for most of it but I did the running around purchasing.

Well done family, good group effort.

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  1. My mother was against decorating our own rooms. I had light blue and pink flowered curtains with a matching dresser until I moved out. Not my style but she thought it was pretty.


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