Saturday, 11 April 2015

Budget travel

I have booked flights to go out to the house in Crete with my best mate for a week. We are really operating on a budget, as I have already had a holiday this year but I think we can still have some fun.

So far

Flights with Easyjet x 2 - We chose our dates to fit the cheapest flights and we dont mind the antyisocial arrival times etc as we always have fun together - Total £210 (including an extra amount for front seats but its well worth it)

We will drive my car to the airport which is a 160 mile round trip - Diesel £20

Airport parking for the week, my mate found us a half price deal £25

Car hire on hols 140 euro - I know is really expensive compared with most parts of the world but for Greece this is a bargain. The exchange rate mean this is about £100

Accommodation - well its has cost me plenty but no extra cost for using the house now.

We are taking our normal housekeeping money for the week as our spending money.


  1. Shouldn't you pay yourself back or something for using the Crete house? After a (long) while the Crete house will be saving you lots of money!

  2. Oh yes, good plan. I will try explaining it to the old fella :)


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