Monday, 13 April 2015

Budget travel (Update)

Extras for the trip

Apparently Easyjet have a little known 'never knowingly undersold' clause. I need to phone them and in theory I will be refunded the amount of the that our flight prices have gone down since they were booked. I will try this tomorrow

I joined 'mygatwick' to print off vouchers for discount on pizza (not so handy for someone who cant eat bread) and free coffee and even better free wifi.

If I get any better at this I will be paid to travel.

I also went to Amazon to buy some kindle books to read on my hols. Each book was £3.99 but I search for a boxed set and paid £5.99 for the three. I could have lived without these but I was feeling somewhat indulgent.


  1. Nice score on the kindle book set. I love finding hidden deals like that.

  2. & me. Then i found i hadnt actually downloaded them from the cloud so they are still not read as i started on some others which i had. So my money has gone a long way!


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