Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Doing stuff!

I have been doing stuff. Honest

Budget stuff

  • Re-worked my budget to allow for small pay rise and decreasing other bills, since we don't have so many people in the house most of the time now
  • I have put in a new category. Liz travel budget. I have been on minimal travel for so long and I really miss it so now I am starting slowly but its time.
  • In the budget also is more saving for work on the other house in September/October
Clutter stuff
  • A whole car boot full went last weekend.
  • Quite a bit in the black bin too as its not worth keeping
More and more goes out the door and its like a weight lifting from my shoulders

This year we finished all the work on the house,  Streamline everything. Then spend more time 'doing things' especially travelling


  1. At least it's a fun category. It's easier to save for the fun stuff.

  2. Definitely. I feel I have suddenly got tot he age where the fun category gets priority!


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